Drive Mad


Welcome to Drive Mad, it is a simple truck-driving game where you will have the opportunity to drive through a variety of exciting terrains.

is the same as the City Truck Driver game, Drive Mad is a simple truck-driving game where you will be given the opportunity to drive a variety of vehicles. Different vehicles will have different controls. In addition, the game has ants that create a special race track that makes it difficult for your car. This is a single track that has obstacles like stairs, rope bridges, and segmented tracks. For each track, you must have a separate strategy to be able to overcome the challenges. Play this game now and show off your driving skills.

The several levels of the Drive Mad game

The difficulty of this game is expressed through the levels of the game. Starting with level 1, you only have to control a normal truck and the road to the finish line is also different. This is the basic level that gets you familiar with the gameplay. At higher levels, you will face more difficult challenges. Special cars with divided terrain will make you fail. These challenges can take you hours to complete. You need to be extremely persistent to conquer these challenges.

How to play Drive Mad

This game has special vehicles that you must have good skills to control. You can easily make them move forward by using arrow keys, but your challenge is to drive to the finish line. If you are not careful you can easily fail. You based on the type of vehicle and the terrain to control the car reasonably. What are you waiting for without playing this exciting game?

How to control: Use the down arrow to control your truck.