BMX Kid is a game full of charm for both kids and adults. This game has some of the greatest graphics, insane stunts, and bike racing action!

In BMX Kid, get to the position of bike king! The local guys are the best bicycle riders in the world. So, go on your awesome bike and ride across the city's rough roads in the best possible manner!

This game of bicycles will transport you back to your younger years. Get a bike and start cruising the city streets on your vintage cycle. You will need to navigate a lot of slopes and ramps. Therefore, be sure that you have complete control over the bike. Try to leap over obstacles as you notice them. This game has two primary game types. You will strive to ride the bike as long as you can in survival mode without falling off. There are 40 levels in the arcade mode that you must complete. You must finish the road without falling off at each level and gather at least 70% of the stars. So let's test your riding skills in this game!

Features in BMX Kid

  • 2D colourful graphics
  • 40 levels
  • Arcade and survival modes
  • Bikes to unlock
  • Addictive roadmaps to drive through

How to play BMX Kid

  • FORWARD BUTTON: To accelerate the bicycle, press the forward button.
  • UP BUTTON: While riding, press or touch the Up button to jump over obstacles. You may even execute acrobatics by double-tapping the Jump key.
  • Using stars, you may also purchase more lives and checkpoints.