Impostor Killer


Impostor Killer is an enjoyable action game set in the Among Us universe. Your mission is to avoid all sight of the guards and kill them with your knife.

The entire crew of Among Us was murdered by impostors. You are the sole survivor and are being hunted by hunters. You have no choice but to pick up your weapon and fight for your life.

To preserve your life, you must sneak around the maze and kill all the impostors without being detected. Move around stealthily to avoid detection in this exciting online game. Your enemies are many, so you need to attack them from behind. Try to move around to complete all levels. To pass the levels, hide, wait for the opportunity and then kill the impostors one by one.

Do you think you can catch the impostor in the crew quickly at each level? Don't joke around as more and more people impersonate your spaceship at each level. The higher level you are, the more difficulties you face. Make a careful strategy before killing them.

Impostor Killer is an online action game that you can play for free on our website. Just click the big play button to start the game. Are you ready for stealth assassinations? Let's play the game now!

Features of this game

  • Easy gameplay and simple control
  • Avoid enemies vision
  • Kill enemies one by one
  • Level up
  • Fun and exciting game

How to control

Arrow keys to move, Spacebar to attack, or use touch controls