Elastic Man


Elastic Man is a game that is too fun for you to enjoy the relaxing sensations of stretching the face. The man is like a ball that will stretch when pulled.

David Li designed Elastic Man, a basic simulation game. The face of a guy with an elastic body and a flexible face, similar to a deflated balloon, appears in the game. You may use the mouse to tug the man's face and extend it as far as your mouse will allow. When you release go, the stretched skin will bounce back to the skull and form a ripple before returning to its original position. The game's physics system is really extremely excellent. Regardless matter what you do to Elastic Man's face, his eyes will follow your mouse cursor. In the top right corner of the screen, you may modify the game's quality. Medium quality is ideal so you won't notice the weird creases on Elastic Man's face. The medium quality level also guarantees that the game runs smoothly and consistently.

How to play Elastic Man

  • Use the mouse to stretch to return