Venge io


Venge io is an action game that you definitely cannot ignore because of the breathtaking drama that this game brings. It's time for you to wake up

Scar has a medium-to-long-range fighting ability.

Scar is one of the game's longest-range combatants, so he's ideal for dispatching adversaries before they come too near to your stronghold.

This character's biggest skill is his ability to eliminate adversaries without them being able to fight back. He has a high damage output and may be a valuable member of your squad. His sole flaw is his lack of mobility, which limits his ability to avoid opponent assaults as effectively as other characters in the game. To win, you'll need to make good use of Scar's range and strength!

Shotgun - a weapon with a fast rate of fire and a short range.

The shotgun is one of the most popular weapons in this game. Shotguns are short-reloading, high-powered close-range weapons. The shotgun is ideal for taking out numerous opponents at once or finishing off an opponent who has run out of ammunition. Long-range fighting is not their strong suit. To be effective with a shotgun, you must be aware of your surroundings and have excellent timing while firing at adversaries.

Sniper - a ranged weapon with a lot of strength.

Only ranged weapons are used in this mode, making it easier for players to keep their distance until someone comes near enough. The sniper rifle is one of the game's most powerful weapons, making it ideal for this model. Sniper mode is for you if you want to be more aggressive and knock down your opponents swiftly.

The Tec-9 is a short/medium range quickfire SMG.

This is the weapon The Tec-9 - SMG is an automated submachine gun designed for close-to-medium-range combat. In terms of power, it's pretty comparable to the MP5, although it has a faster rate of fire and greater short-range accuracy. Is an excellent weapon for fighting enemies at close to medium ranges. We recommend trying out this pistol if you're searching for a fun fight!

Choose the proper weapon for your character by considering the strengths of each weapon. Each card has a special power; make good use of it to defeat the other players. Kill foes to increase your score and earn a flag that unlocks cards. Destroy all enemies, complete each level, and reach new heights.

How to play Venge io:

  • [WASD] Move
  • [1] Change Weapons
  • [2] Use Grenades
  • [R] Reload
  • [Right Mouse] Aim Rifles
  • [Q] Strike with Weapon
  • [SPACEBAR] Jump