Fish Eat Fish 3 Players


Fish Eat Fish 3 Players brings a dramatic hunt with an adorable fish. Your mission is to eat the same size fish and avoid fishes that are bigger than your fish.

Transform into a small fish in the game to start the game. You can choose the color of the fish and go hunting. You don't have much advantage at the beginning of the game when you are just a tiny fish. To increase the size of the fish, you must quickly eat the smaller fish by rushing over them. In addition, you also have to avoid many bigger fishes. They are a danger that will cost you your life. Then you will get bigger after killing the target. When you grow up, everything becomes easy for you. You are free to consume any exotic fish you see on the screen.

In addition, you can choose to play alone or with 2 or 3 people when selecting one of three modes. They allow you to join the game with your friends. You can also unwind and feel comfortable playing the game. Since the gameplay is rather simple, many people can enjoy it. The sound and image quality are also excellent. Let's play the game together for a ton of fun moments.

How to control

Player 1: Use the arrow keys to move.

Player 2: Use the WASD to move.

Player 3: Use the mouse to move.

Some tips for eating many fishes in Fish Eat Fish 3 Players

Use keys flexibly

You will probably face a lot of big fish at the same time. You must quickly navigate your fish away from them to avoid getting a few lives. Don't let them reach you if you don't want to stop the game.

Play many times

Do not be discouraged if you get eaten many times. You will probably have more lessons and experiences. They are drawn from your progress and mistakes. Play many times to practice. Good luck!