YoHoHo.io is the ultimate fun pirate game for gaming enthusiasts. This is an easy game but you have to be really quick to eat gold and destroy other pirates

YoHoHo.io, as you may have guessed from the game's title, is not only one of our newest multiplayer games in the IO genre that you can play directly from your browser, but it is also one of the newest such games with pirates, as this game is described as a Pirate Battle Royale, which we are already confident you will enjoy as much as our team has!

How to play YoHoHo.io

  • You and a slew of other pirates controlled by players from across the world have been stranded on a barren island, and you're now battling for life and dominance, for only the last one remaining wins and rises to the top of the leaderboards.
  • You must wonder about the island to gather doubloons and get larger since this will offer you an edge over smaller players, but it will also mean that you should avoid larger people.
  • However, if you can, kill the other players and take their loot! To move about, use the mouse, and to strike, simply click when you are close to an opponent.