Krew.io is an amazing 3D game featuring sea cannon shooting. You start by controlling a ship with a gun that goes around destroying other ships.

You begin by controlling a ship with a gun that travels around destroying other ships while being assigned to one of two teams represented by colors. This game is a ton of fun to play with friends or even by yourself since, with the right skills, you can take out a whole fleet by yourself. The sea is home to certain AIs as well, and they travel in enormous pirate ships that your crew must work together to destroy.

How to play Krew.io

You'll need to practice steering a lot in Krew.io in order to succeed. When I first started playing, the controls seemed a little strange since you had to move your cannon around the boat in order to direct it; doing so clearly alters where you fire from, so you need to adapt before striking. Teamwork is essential at sea since, after all, a captain is only as powerful as his crew. To that end, squads may elect their own captains, who are then replaced when the original captain dies. As far as I'm aware, this merely gives you the ability to give instructions via chat.


The boat's cannon may be moved around using the WASD keys, allowing you to point it in the direction you want it to travel, and you can aim it with the mouse.

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