What is the max depth in Tiny Fishing?


What is the max depth in Tiny Fishing? Are you curious about the depth of the mysterious fish on the ocean floor? Let's explore this mysterious game with me

Tiny Fishing is a mobile and desktop game that takes a unique approach to a classic pastime. It's also one of the website's top 10 games. Fair warning: this game is likely to take a long time to complete, so expect on spending a lot of time catching little fish!

The controls are simple: to cast your line, just click or hit the cast button. To get the greatest depth, make sure you time it appropriately. While holding your mouse or finger down, drag your hook to capture fish while reeling in your line.

Your goal is to catch as many fish as possible in order to earn as much money as feasible. The money you make from those fish is then put towards improving your fishing equipment. You may increase the number of fish your pole can manage as well as the depth to which your line can reach by increasing the number of fish your pole can handle. You'll gain money with each catch, and you'll sometimes stumble across treasure chests full of gold in the water. With the gold, make your own fishing hook!

You'll find a variety of fish of different levels in the lake. The most common fish are the ones you'll see the most, but they're also the ones that aren't worth much. Rare fish are more difficult to come by, but they are also more valuable. The mythical fish is the most precious. These fish are far more valuable than the others, and they'll be gold in colour.

You'll encounter a range of species, from little blue fish to seahorses, in addition to ranking!

To get you started, it's a good idea to upgrade early and often. Spending money in order to make money is the key to success. But it doesn't imply you can spend your money irresponsibly! Make certain you spend your money wisely on upgrades.

As soon as you get any money from your fish, invest in some modifications to help you make even more money in the future. Increasing the amount of fish your pole can handle can be a smart place to start. More fish means more money to invest on upgrades!

Earn Money Without Using the Internet

Because the game has an idle component, you may continue to gain money even after you've completed playing. You'll also be able to increase the amount of money you make every minute you're not online. This is an opportunity you should take advantage of. Nothing like coming back on the bus and seeing a stack of cash ready to be spent!