Hot Dog Bush


Prepare to create the best hot dogs and hamburgers in Hot Dog Bush. This section isn't the big surprise! Who will be making these hot dogs is the amusing part. One of the most abrupt career shifts in history is about to occur. And it's none other than George Bush himself who is in doubt. Are you prepared to hear this story firsthand and learn more about the cooking industry?

All present, please! The event that is going to occur is something that only happens once in a lifetime. George Bush, a former president, has made a significant transformation in his career. Want to hazard a guess? No, we must not wait. He wants to start a fast food restaurant. We believe that's fantastic and a little startling. But shouldn't everyone follow their passions? Everyone like eating fast food, too. Although they won't acknowledge it, they do! Your goal in this game is to assist him by expertly preparing hot dogs and hamburgers. There are two game modes, however the speed mode won't be available until you've progressed far enough in career mode. To finish each level in the career mode, you must earn a specific sum of money. Simply glance at the order when the client arrives and click on the ingredients to begin cooking it. Give the buyer the ingredients after dragging them to the counter.

How to play

This game may be played with a mouse.