Temple Run 3


Temple Run 3 is a chase game that has many versions but never disappoints players. Your mission is to protect this relic from anyone trespassing

In the Temple Run 3 adventures, how far can Professor Jones run? While collecting priceless stones, unique abilities, and currencies, run, leap, slide, dash, and surf through, over, and under diverse obstacles in temples, exotic landscapes, bridges, and subways. Unlock fantastic characters such as Lara Bones, Mummy, Agent 99, the hip Disco Dancer, and more! It's never-ending running fun!

The purpose is to protect and eliminate those who try to break in. Are you a lover of high-octane chases? Are you addicted to the excitement of being chased by the devil? Finding a very old tomb in an ancient universe. Avoid traps and run away from the giant beast. Come play with your friends and have fun. We hope you enjoy yourself while playing the game.

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How to play Temple Run 3:

  • Use the up and down buttons to manipulate