Four In A Row


Four In A Row is an attractive game in which you will drop the same color discs into a line. Only with one same color line first you win your opponent.

The game offers easy gameplay where you will create the same color line of discs. The game will be challenging when those who have one line first will be the winner. Therefore, you must observe all the columns carefully to see your opponent's movements. Drop the discs reasonably to block the opponent’s fourth spot as soon as possible. You must fill the bottom of the column with discs to put the discs into the higher position column. The game can exercise your brain. Select your discs' color and customise the other setting such as field size, winning condition, and turn time.

You can experience three modes: online players, two players, and play vs computer. You can match with other players randomly in a public room of online players mode. You also create a private room to play with your friends or relatives. Don’t forget to send room ID for them, or you can enter their room ID. Moreover, you can play together on one computer in two players mode. Play single and battle with the CPU in play vs computer mode. Come and defeat all opponents!

This is the game we are very proud to recommend to you, especially the tiny fishing unblocked game that will make you sob.

Features of Four In A Row

  • 3 modes: online players, two players, play vs computer
  • Excercise your brain
  • The music is relaxing

How to control

Click the mouse to drop discs