Retro Bowl


Participate in Retro Bowl to become the winner in a fiery rugby match. Let's control your team to get as many points as possible and beat your opponent's team.

This game simulates a rugby game. In this game, your teammates must receive the ball by pitching it backward. No passes in front. The number of times teams can pitch the ball back and forth is up to them. There is no blocking to help your character in this game. Everyone on the field in a rugby match will run with the ball and make more than 20 tackles. This game would be for you if you were an offensive lineman who never carried the ball and made a tackle! Everyone will play linebacker and running back. The team will assume its predetermined positions when a dead-ball scrum is formed, but as soon as chaos breaks out, everyone will sprint and tackle while carrying the ball.

Let's handle your characters and help them to win. Drag and hold your left mouse to aim. You should select the safe place to throw the ball, and your teammates will catch it. Then, you will get points.

How to control

Click the left mouse, then drag and aim a throw.

A, W, S, D to dodge and dive.

Click on the blue circle under the player to move up and down.

Some excellent tricks to win in Retro Bowl

Select Coach Credits in the game

The coach credits that players would collect following each match serve as a kind of money. They are the factors that can help your character's squad get better in many areas. Besides, You can upgrade your team using these coaching credits.

Choose your characters

You can use some of the team during a game to ensure they gain valuable experience that would help them advance. You should try to win by utilizing their best players. A shining star on each player's head would reveal the best players. And as a result, you can quickly determine which course of action to adopt or which play would be the most effective in resulting in a win.