Fruit Ninja


Fruit Ninja is a great game for you to show off your knife skills. Your mission is to complete dramatic and unexpected challenges. Are you confident to do it?

Prepare to have your childhood ninja memories brought back by Fruit Ninja! Before the game starts, a word of warning! Considering how addictive this game is, you can lose your mind playing it! Just cut up these delicious, fresh fruits and watch out for fireworks. Use your really sharp knife to rack up plenty of points. How much farther can you go before your screen catches fire? enough curiosity? Then, let's find out!

You have re-access to one of the most popular ninja games! This amazing game has surely been viewed by you before. But even if you haven't, you may still master the game by just learning the rules. All you have to do is cut the fruits in half using your really sharp knife. However, there will be difficulties, so take caution! You must first and foremost stay clear of the bombs. Slices of fresh fruit is alone. If you don't, you might lose one of your lives. You may examine a list of all your lives in the right upper corner of the game screen. When you have exhausted them all, the game is over. Try slicing many fruits at once to get more points. Can you master the art of the fruit ninja king? If you do, good luck and enjoy yourself!

In order to bring the best moments, we have prepared for you Tiny Fishing game with challenges you can't leave the screen


  • 3D colourful graphics
  • Endless slicing adventure to enjoy
  • Combo points to collect
  • Fun and addictive gameplay

How to play:

  • Slice the fruit in the air! Avoid cutting the explosives.