Tiny Fishing


Tiny Fishing is a fun fishing game developed by Mad Buffer. Drag your mouse to catch the fish, and remember to upgrade your gear to get more and bigger fish.

Are you a fan of the fishing game? This game is ideal for you to participate in fishing with only your mobile or desktop. After starting the game, let's drop and hold your fishing line and click and swipe your mouse from left to right. Move your hook across the screen as you reel in your line to catch up fish. You'll get paid for all the fish you catch when your line hits the surface! The deeper you go, the rarer the fish become, and you can earn more cash.

You can use the money from selling fish to upgrade your fishing gear. You can enhance the number of fish your pole can handle and the distance your line can travel. You'll gain a small amount of gold for each catch, and you might even discover some hidden treasure while fishing.

Tips to help you as you get more fish

Upgrade Often

The best method to make money in Tiny Fishing is to spend money. Upgrade your fishing rod with your hard-earned money. You'll be able to catch more and better fish if you enhance your pole. But be careful; it's all too easy to go overboard and run out of money. You can use your money to make it happen offline.

Make Cash Offline

One of the Tiny Fishing's exciting features is the opportunity to earn money even when you are not online. This implies that if you become weary of playing, you can take a break and continue to earn money.

The Aquariu

The Aquarium holds some of your best catches. To get your money from the Aquarium, go to the top-right screen, click on the aquarium button, and click on the fish.

How to play

  • Click and drag to slide the hook left and right and catch as many fish as you can.