Geometry Dash Bloodbath


Adventure game Geometry Dash Bloodbath is quite addicting. Assist the character in overcoming obstacles to enable a safe return to the soul world.

You get the chance to go on an intriguing spirits adventure in this game. The spirits noticed that their abilities were waning a few years ago. They spent a lot of time wandering the universe before deciding to return to their spirit home. They had to locate space gates that would return them to their homes. Now, the spirits pass through the cosmic Bloodbath gateway. The souls are unable to return to their homes because of the various hazards along the road, including spikes, creatures, and exceedingly high walls. Despite several attempts at failure, they never gave up. The Death God objected, yet they continue to remove any threats.

Combat rules for Geometry Dash Bloodbath

One must leap or soar upward to avoid all hazards in this game, including spikes, lofty walls, monsters, and other things. They are everywhere on the way. Keep in mind that if you accidentally run into them, you will be sent back to the start. As a result, all you need to do is pay close attention, move swiftly, and tap the screen at the appropriate moment to flawlessly dodge any impediment. Double jumps may be executed while moving by using bright jump pads and orbs. Along the road, there will also be a lot of portals. These gateways will alter how people perceive you. You have the ability to change into a cube, ball, wave, ship, or another shape. No matter who you are, getting to your destination safely is your main goal. You can see how far you've come on the progress bar at the top of the screen. The time scale in the upper left corner of the screen is one of this game's distinctive features. Using this feature, you may change the character's speed. You should practice by slowing down the character at first if you are just starting to play this game. Test your speed once you have mastered all of your skills. Let's see how long it will take you to get there.

Dominant traits

  • Extreme Demon is the game's difficulty setting.
  • Incredible sounds and visuals.
  • Two different game categories.
  • Various qualities.

How to play

Tap the screen to jump. Hold down to make further leaps.