Stabfish2.io is a fun unique game where the fish that hunt are other online players everywhere. Eat the little ones to become the biggest in this sea

Welcome to Stabfish.io's wet and chaotic world. If you like the first Stabfish, you'll enjoy the sequel even more. Stabfish 2 improves on the first game's already distinctive gameplay by adding a slew of additional mechanisms that let you bend your approach.

Multiplayer-Physic-Sword-Fighting Unicorn Sharks Arena!

  • Physic Sword Fight, Multiplayer, Team, Crafting, Treasure Hunting, and more are all included!
  • Armageddon Mode: An Armageddon Event will take place every hour, and no new players will be permitted to join. To be the final survivor, put your skills to the test!


  • PC Mode: Use your mouse to control your fish and release abilities by left-clicking or right-clicking.
  • Touchscreen Mode: Use the D-Pad to move your fish, and the Skill Button to release skills.