Skeletons Vs Goblins


Skeletons Vs Goblins is a unique game that needs you to show quick reflexes. Your task is to help the green character cross the ghostly river. Let's play

When was the last time you saw a gang of skeletons and goblins leaping over a brook that was surrounded by lava? It seems like decades have passed. A few years ago, it was commonplace to see goblins jumping across a roiling river of heat while leaving the home, but now, here we are. They're back, and they need your assistance. They seem to have forgotten how to go from point A to point B without going through Lava Town (population: a few).

The game's rules are shown below. To enable the goblins to leap over or around the barrier, tap the right side of your screen. Tap the left side of the screen to help the skeletons go around or over their barriers. Sounds quite easy, doesn't it? Right goblins, left skeletons. Gotcha.

Just wait until the futures of this skeleton crew and goblin gang are in your hands; at that point, you'll be under pressure to tap left or right. This game is more challenging than it seems to be!

But do not worry. You are capable of doing this. Although they may not show it, these skeletons and goblins have faith in you and are especially appreciative of your assistance.

How to play Skeletons Vs Goblins:

  • The left side of the click the right to be true kernel