Teeth Runner


Teeth Runner is a game that will make you unable to stop laughing because of the uniqueness and humour that this game brings, Let's make teeth more beautiful

The best teeth game you've ever played is here—welcome to Teeth Runner! Brushing teeth is the only objective of the game Teeth Runner, which includes humans, zombies, vampires, and muchachos. Be cautious to choose the appropriate toothpaste while brushing your children's teeth since each one needs different substances.

To brush them, go through your teeth.
Your toothbrush will be controlled by the mouse, which you will press and hold to lower it and then release to raise it again. Do this to thoroughly brush the toothpaste before brushing on the people's unclean teeth, but be sure to stay away from the excrement because if you brush their teeth too much with crap, you lose the level.

In order to get additional points, you will ultimately need to clean a few more teeth, which you accomplish by continually hitting the button. Focus more to ensure that you dodge them all at all costs as additional barriers and traps are added with each new level. We wish you luck and success!

How to play Teeth Runner:

  • Hold down to brush their teeth. Release to stop brushing.