My Shark Show


My Shark Show is a fun and rewarding game where sharks perform very special games, Jump over burning rings, get meat, eat other fish. Make a lot of gold

My Shark Show is here to delight both its viewers and its participants! This new adventure, from the developers of the My Dolphin Show game series, is now available for you to enjoy. Train your shark to be the greatest it can be. Gather feedback from the audience and take your company to the next level. With your profits, you may even get new skins for your fish! Which of the two will you be now? Who is more important: the player or the audience?

We've witnessed you develop into a player! Everything is getting crazier in this new adventure from the makers of My Dolphin Show! When you have a shark, you don't need a dolphin. However, before we begin the game, there is a small reminder. The goods you'll find here are only for your entertainment while playing the game. Animal mistreatment should not be condoned under any circumstances. You may, however, pass the time by playing this virtual game and training your shark! Make it jump through the flaming hoops, feed it fish, and earn money to help your business grow. You will perish if you fall into the water, much like the jet skiers in the training pool! Collect as many points as you can while amusing the audience with amazing shark tricks. You may customize your shark's skin to make the game more pleasant.

Level 1: In the first level, you must search the water basin for raw meat.

Level 2: The following level will turn you into a kidnapper since you'll have to go looking for surfers.

Level 3: this time you'll have to put on a show for us, jumping in circles, going through flames, and demonstrating your athletic abilities.

Level 4: To leap over the ramp in front of you, you'll have to swim faster and faster in the following level.

Level 5: You must play with an inflatable ball that you must place in the basket in a certain amount of time. Bonus points will be awarded if you manage to gather all of the game's stars.

Level 6: The boys will enjoy the following level because they will have to play with a soccer ball that they must place in the soccer goal and score goals with.

How to play My Shark Show

  • Move the shark around with the arrow keys. Tap and drag the shark across the screen on a mobile device.