Fishington.io is a game where you pick a custom character and take it to the dock with your trusty fishing rod and try to catch as many fish as you can.

Fishing with other players will be your primary goal. The fishing itself is rather straightforward, and the game will walk you through it at the outset. When you catch a fish, you may sell it in a shop and use the money to buy new rods or larger baskets. You may also use the old store to personalize your character according to your tastes.

Features in Fishington.io

  • Various fish species are caught and sold on the market.
  • Completing missions, leveling up, and upgrading your fishing gear is all part of the fun!
  • You may compete with other anglers on the player leaderboard.
  • Play a real-time multiplayer io game with your pals.

How to play Fishington.io

Obtain fish

On the boardwalk, join the other Fishington.io players in catching fresh fish including Crappies and Perch. Simply extend your line to the appropriate length and wait for a fish to take the bait!

To maintain the hook in the green zone, tap and hold is the key to a successful catch. The bar fills full after a bit of wrangling, and the fish is yours to sell at the fishing store. Every fish you capture is recorded in the wiki, which allows you to see all of the fish you've caught.

Upgrade your equipment.

In Washington, you make money and level up by catching and selling fish. You may purchase new fishing equipment such as baskets and rods at the fishing shop once you've earned enough money and reached the requisite level.

Invite your acquaintances.

Washington is a multiplayer online game, so you may ask your friends to join you. To invite them to your game, simply copy the code in the top left corner. You can finish missions and save your progress by logging in!