Fisherman Life


Fisherman Life is a fun fishing simulator. Explore the seas to sell different fishes and grow your paradise island! Too much fun for you to entertain right now

Fish are caught and sold.

Swim around catching all the fish you can until your stack is full. Deliver your catch to the island market, where you may sell it for gold coins. You may use the money you make to enhance your island and expand it!

Upgrade your vessel and go exploring.

Everything from your fishing capacity to the strength of your fishermen may be improved. Increase your strength to capture more expensive fish and finally earn enough money to go to other areas. There are exotic new species and precious crabs to be found there!

Create your own island

Create an island paradise where the economy is based on fishing. You may acquire additional pieces of land to grow your settlement and economy if you have enough money. Simply by acquiring more plots of land, you may have access to bigger boats, local fishermen, new marketplaces, and more!

How to play Fisherman Life:

  • WASD or arrow keys = move
  • Left-click = interact with the buttons