Electron Dash


Electron Dash is an exciting but equally challenging astronaut race game. Overcome obstacles from platforms and collect hearts to survive the longest.

Welcome to Electron Dash where you can enjoy your free time with fast-paced races. This game will not disappoint you with its features. Each feature of the game gives you a great experience. You may have experienced one of these features in other games. However, a game to integrate all the impressive characteristics like this one is rare. Let's start this game and experience these significant features!

Impressive features of this running game

  • Easy Controls.
  • The simple way to access the game.
  • Attractive gameplay.
  • Great graphics and effects.

Some important notes for you

  • Avoid the red obstacle, otherwise the game will be over.
  • Pay attention to the platforms. Beware bright blue backgrounds can be very dangerous.
  • Collect red hearts to be able to survive.
  • Time the jump precisely to be able to reach the target platform safely.

You can track your achievements and other players on the leaderboard. The highest achievements will be displayed on the leaderboard by day, week, month, and all time. Take a look at the leaderboard to compare your results with other players. Then, try to put your name on this admirable leaderboard. Let's try it right now.

How to play

AD or left and right keys to move. W key or upper key to jump. SPACEBAR key to stop.