Hover Racer


Let's enjoy a challenging racing course in Hover Racer. You must navigate the spaceship through all the stages and collect as many diamonds as possible.

For fans of speed who wish to feel new sensations, the game is an ideal choice. To cross the finish line, you will pilot a spaceship through treacherous terrain and zigzag roadways. The spacecraft can travel farther with your guidance while avoiding deviating from the path or colliding with bulkheads. Remember that your speed will decrease with each contact with the bulkhead's two sides, which likewise takes a lot of time. So, try to direct the spacecraft carefully. In addition, the upper corner will also display your finishing position on the circuit and your race time. The more diamonds you receive, the higher your rank. You can trade these diamonds for better spacecraft. They have the ability to modify traits like turn, acceleration, speed, and turbo. These specifications will make it easier for the spacecraft to outperform rivals and claim the top spot.

How to control

Use WASD keys to play.

The unique and challenging tracks in Hover Racer

Many tracks in the game

  • The first is the Terrain race track which has a lot of curving courses. You will need to take great caution to avoid running into the partition. This circuit will severely constrain your speed because, on a racetrack, controlling is more crucial than speeding up.
  • The second race track is Space. It is flatter and contains fewer corners. You can demonstrate your speed on this racetrack. Attempt to win the top place.
  • The hardest racetrack is the third one which is the Barrel racetrack. This track features numerous bends and curves, including one that forms a circle. You can lose control, making it exceedingly challenging to cross the circle.

Some tips to overcome the tracks

  • Align the right moment to turn.
  • Do not accelerate in bends and turns to avoid losing control.
  • Avoid crashing into your opponents to save time.