Ghost Fight IO


Ghost Fight IO is a unique game that allows you to transform into the life of a ghost to see their life. It's harsh when the number of ghosts is increasing

With Ghost Fight IO, choose a name for your subsequent existence and join the other ghosts! Eat little light spheres to raise your spookiness rating and kill ghosts once again! Try to expand your small soul without being devoured by the undead as you fly about in a foggy cemetery and collect boosters to keep others away.

What occurs after death? Of course, you compete in cage bouts with other cute ghosts in order to win small light balls. At least, this is how things work in our world. You may float about here for all of eternity, battling other people for power while looking for more! We already have infinite, so let's get you a name so we don't have to wait for more! Find a match by entering a nickname. To avoid being attacked by others, you must immediately begin fleeing. Fly over to the glistening bits and grab them. Each ghost has scores scribbled on it. On the upper left, there is a scoreboard as well. Boosters come in three different varieties: boots, magnets, and shields. Boots speed up your mobility, but they must be used with caution. Shiny balls are drawn to you by magnets, while shields protect you from opponent strikes. Make use of others' resources to propel your ghost name to the top of the leaderboard!

The game features the most interesting fish that you will discover for the first time in the tiny fishing game.


  • Colourful 2D graphics
  • Cute character design
  • Multiplayer servers
  • Adorable skins
  • In-game boosters
  • Available on mobile devices