G-Switch 3


G-Switch 3 is the fastest-paced game for you to show off your abilities to your friends. It's time to let the beast in you rise and overcome all challenges

Because of gravity, we can remain on Earth and not leave it for space. With G-Switch 3, the third game in the famed gravity-defying adventure game series, you may own one of those gadgets you see in many sci-fi movies! Prepare for an adventurous voyage by donning your anti-gravity footwear. To progress through the levels, click to alter gravity while avoiding hazards and leaping onto platforms. We hope you'll be able to manage the constant change in gravity since this will be a difficult journey! Keep your hands on the anti-gravity button and your eyes on the course as you begin playing straight away.

At first, sight, altering gravity can seem like a nice idea, but the consequences might be disastrous. To avoid certain death by falling into gaps, vanishing into the air, or getting caught in multiple traps, you will need to make quick decisions throughout the levels. Your objective as the player is to avoid these situations while attempting to complete each level. In each level, there will be laser beams that act as checkpoints; if you die there, you may pick up where you left off. The controls for the game are rather simple. When you reach the end of one platform, use the left mouse button or the space bar to change your gravity and go on to the next one. Timing is essential in this situation because if you don't strike at the appropriate time, your character will stumble and die. In successive levels, you'll encounter a range of challenges, such as platforms with intricate shapes and jagged wheels. You may play in an endless mode in addition to the usual game mode, where the object is to live as long as you can. If you want to play with a buddy, try the multiplayer option. Regardless of your chosen model, you will enjoy playing this addictive game!


  • Multiplayer mode
  • Endless mode
  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Colourful graphics

How to play G-Switch 3

  • Control gravity with arrows up and down!