Happy Fishing


Happy Fishing is a fun catching game in which you have to use a hook to catch fish as much as possible while avoiding touching bombs on the sea.

Welcome to the ocean world, where you can show your fishing skills! In this game, you will transform into a fisher and try to catch as much as possible. The mechanics are so simple. However, it would be best to be careful because there are many bombs on the sea. If your hook touches the bomb, it will be destroyed. You have three stored hooks. Lose all hooks, you lose. Besides that, each type of fish brings unique profit, so try to catch big fish to get as much money as possible. Catch fish and see you enable to be on the top leaderboard in this game. Have fun!

Features of Happy Fishing

  • Cartoon character
  • Cool graphics and art animations
  • Various fish

Release Date

Jan 06 2021

How to play

Click or tap to drop the fishhook.