Stabfish.io is completely free it's fun. This is a game where you play the role of a scary sea monster with a tusk on your head slashing your enemies

To acquire strength and points, eat food. Other fish can be eliminated by attacking them from the side and rear. The length of your tusk will become longer as the fish dies. When your tusk grows long enough, you may attack with more confidence.
Your score will increase as you kill more fish. These fish carcasses will be used as ornamental items, serving as a reminder of your vicious and lethal nature.

How to play Stabfish.io:

For the computer:

Use your mouse to manipulate your fish. Click and hold to boost.

For mobile devices, follow these steps:

To begin, control your fish using the D-pad. Tap and hold for a second time to boost.


  • You will die quickly if you stab someone or if you get stabbed!
  • Collect food to restock your boost tank!
  • Killing enemies and eating food will gain you points.
  • Your weapon will grow in length as you advance through the game.

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