Penalty Shooters 2


Penalty Shooters 2 is the game of football fans. This special game cannot be missed. A game that helps you to show your ability to kick and catch the ball

Penalty Shooters 2 is one of the finest penalty shooting games we've ever had, containing the most renowned kick in soccer history, which can sometimes make or break a team, as many have won and lost.

Let's create the best penalty shooters on the internet!

This game allows you to play in fantasy leagues for the top football countries, like England, Spain, Italy, Brazil, and Germany, as well as national teams participating in the World Cup. Score more goals than the opposing team in the penalty shootout, with each team getting five shots per round.

While shooting, hold down the mouse button and move the target, releasing it when you've arrived at the location where you wish to fire. If you're a goalie, place your finger on the spot in the net where you think the ball will land and sprint towards it to grab it if your prediction is true.

Let the world's best penalty shootout begin, and don't forget to tell your friends about our other incredible games; they won't be disappointed anytime soon!

How to play Penalty Shooters 2

  • Move rocks with mouse