Fish Love


Fish Love is a unique brain game today for you to relax endlessly. Let's help the two fish stay together by overcoming difficult challenges

Even fish have feelings for one another and form partnerships, as you'll see in a brand new puzzle game with pins that we've just added to our website, a high-quality addition that you'll be sure to appreciate from beginning to end, just as you do with these logical puzzle games!

The two fish, one boy, and one female are divided by pins and are confined in different tubes and structures. You must click on the pins to pull them, and you must do it in the precise order in order to bring them together, which is when the level is completed.

Avoid letting the fish fall into traps, being hit by lava (which you may neutralize with water), or any other risks since you will lose the levels and have to start again. We wish you, everyone, the best of success and the most enjoyable time imaginable, and we welcome you to stay tuned for many more fantastic things to come!

How to play Fish Love

  • Touch the screen to activate it.
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