Penguin Diner


Welcome to Penguin Diner, where you will experience the waitress in a cafe. Your mission is to help a penguin earn enough money to come back home.

In this game, you will become Penny, a penguin character. She has lost her way and is stuck in an ice mountain. Here, Penny will become a waitress for a Top Hill Cafe. You will support her to be able to earn the required amount of the day to be able to pass the other days. Over time you will save enough money to help her get back home.

To get a lot of money, you must serve food and drinks to your customers. First, when customers have just entered the shop, you must arrange their seats. This will avoid congestion at the door of the shop. Then you will get a signal from them. When they say "Hello", they are ready to order. You need to go to them to take the order quickly. The food counter will quickly prepare. When the food and drinks appear on the table, they are ready to serve customers. You can bring two things at once to serve customers. After they have finished eating, do not forget to collect the money and tips they give you. Try your best to achieve your goal for the day. The store will only be open until 9 pm, and you will not be able to make money after the store is closed. If you do not earn the required amount, then you will lose.

How to control

Use the left mouse to play.

Some tips to earn more money in Penguin Diner

Don't keep customers waiting too long

You need to be more agile in operations such as inviting others, serving food, and collecting money. Increase your speed to please all the demanding guests. If they are satisfied, you will get more bonuses and quickly complete the task.

Upgrade some items

  • Skates: You can use your money to boost Penny's speed. You will service a lot of customers and order quickly.
  • TVs: Better TVs increase customers' patience because they help customers relax while waiting.
  • Seats: Customers will get Penny more tips when they feel nice. As a result, you can complete all tasks.