Description this game will bring you to an extremely new and attractive space. You will be upgraded to heroes when you level up. Enjoy it now

In, you may control a variety of superheroes and compete against other players in online multiplayer games. You'll witness a wide range of well-known figures in the arena, from your favourite heroes to legendary villains. Can you reach the top of the leaderboard and defeat your opponents?

The objective of game is to have a good time! You're striving to amass the most points as the strong player. You may play the game using your mouse. Go to the main menu and hit the play button to start the game. You'll start off little. There are two ways to increase your size and level up. The first is to eat the brilliantly coloured power spheres spread over the place. Another option is to hit and beat other players. The second option will give you more experience points, but proceed with caution. Other players will also attack you in their quest to be the best. You'll be able to swap between numerous characters as you go through the game. The characters you control have a larger attack range at higher levels. You gain money as you kill other players, which you may spend to increase your stats.

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How to play

  • PC: Move using the mouse, attack with the left click, and speed up with the right-click. Touch the Virtual Keys on your mobile device.