2048 Giant


Help Lilly feed her lovely giant friend delicious candies in 2048 Giant. Merge two same numbers to form a bigger number. Challenge your brain in this game.

The 2048 Giant storyline

Lilly on her way to the magic bean tree and met the giant. He's a pretty nice guy so the two of them became friends. In the stories, giants living on magic beans have a hobby of eating children and treating them like beans. But Lilly's friend is not like that, he just has a passion for candy. Help him eat candy in this game.

Instructions for playing 2048 Giant

To let the giant eat candy, you need to use a slingshot to merge candies of the same numbers to turn into a larger number. Pay attention to the numbers around and think carefully about your moves. Try to create huge combos by merging multiple candies at once. More than simply merging candies, rocks appear and hinder your merge candies. To break the rock, merge two candies next to it to automatically disappear. Rocks will not disappear, they flexibly appear in many places, break them so that your candies merge is not hindered.

How to control

Use the mouse to drag the candy back and then release it for it to shoot into the square on the board.