3D Bowling


In 3D Bowling, play bowling in the virtual world. Throw the ball into the wooden bottle and score a perfect score. Play with AI or friends of your choice.

Game modes in 3D Bowling

Two game modes in this game. With single player mode, you will play against our AI. There are three levels of play with AI options of your ability and choice. With easy mode, for those who do not know how to bowling, clumsiness, no less so that your opponent will regret it, you should miss, hit a few wooden bottles. basic adjustment. But you will find it a lot harder if you hard mode. In this mode, it requires you and most opponents to score a perfect score. The victory of the two sides is close, so you should score absolute points to have an advantage over the opponent.

You can also play with your friends in two player mode. Enjoy their fun and enjoy this 3D bowling game. If you do not have the opportunity to experience the actual game, play this game, definitely not inferior as you are playing real bowling. You can choose 5X, 10X mode corresponding to 5 times, 10 times to score, whoever has the higher total score will be the winner.

How to play

Move the ball given from behind by dragging the mouse hook in the direction from the bottom to the top and throw the ball in a way that brings the mouse forward, the result is that the ball will automatically move. The movement is not inferior to when you play bowling for real.