99 Balls 3D


Break the circles with numbers in 99 Balls 3D. Use your ball to break the balls on the table so that they disappear and avoid letting them reach the red line.

How the game 99 Balls 3D

Destroy the numbered circles before they reach the bottom of the screen. Let's launch the balls in the right trajectory, because they are going to you and reach the red line outlined at the bottom of the screen. The game ends if one of those circles touches the red line. Throw the balls to the table, smashing as many circles as you can in one turn. Before firing your ball, shoot corners to destroy more circles from a dashed line shown to you. Press and hold and rotate left and right to see the direction you are going to follow that dashed line. Select the crack line that touches as many circles as possible.

Note when playing game 99 Balls 3D

Don't get engrossed in the circles above, but pay attention to the remaining circles and gradually move towards you. It will be impossible to break the circle when they are only 1 step away from the red line. So break them all while still at the top of the table to keep the game longer. Why do you think the game is called 99 Balls 3D. Because the record holder will play and meet the circle with the number 99. Will you play and meet the number 99?