Aliens Gone Wild


Fight aliens with your cowboy hero in the Wild West in Aliens Gone Wild. Destroy them before they cost you your life and proceed to the village you live in.

The appearance of strange creatures in Aliens Gone Wild

Life for the people of the Wild West is going very well. Suddenly one day, the strange appearance of aliens makes life here shaken. You are the brightest cowboy hero to go destroy these evil aliens. During your journey, you will not have to worry about traveling alone because then some people will come to rescue you.

Fight between cowboys and villainous aliens

A journey to destroy aliens has no end if you still ensure your life long. In the process of fighting, shoot the aliens and make them explode. Also stay away from their bullets because it will cost you your life. Your life is shown at the top right of the screen, you can keep track of your life status. And in the process of going, you will encounter people to support you or items to help you destroy the other creature faster, go to that place and go with you to destroy the other evil creatures.

How to control

Use your mouse or finger to move left and right your character.