Animals Up


Animals Up is an interesting game of the click genre. Move animals up the steps and collect coins nearby. Steps that move back and forth should be moved carefully. Collect lots of coins to unlock more adorable animals in the shop.

This game is simply a mouse click to bring the animals up the steps to the top. These steps are moved back and forth, causing you to lose direction and go wrong. No deadlines or goals to be achieved, you just calmly climb up the steps. The game has no end, control your animal to go high to collect more coins and be careful to fall into the dirty water. When you fall, the game is over.

This light entertainment game is suitable for those who need a light game that is not complicated or has to use a lot of control keys.

How to control

Click and you can move your animal upwards

Shop in Animals Up

Use your coins in collecting and renewing the animals in the shop. There are a total of six animals, three of which are paid for and two that you can see in the ad to get them. The animals that cost money need a certain amount and the number is not small, if you are a good clicker, this game will not make it difficult for you.