Aquapark Shark


Aquapark Shark is a great game to add to your experience. This task is not difficult but needs you to show your skills and ingenuity to overcome all challenges

In this splashy park, Aquapark Shark, sail clear of the sharks! You're looking for a big adventure, and one of the finest extreme vacation activities is sliding down an aquapark's slides. Get on your inflatable raft and experience the thrilling twist to the splashy slides!

When a shark that may endanger your life is swimming behind you, an aquapark is nothing but joy. So get on your raft and prepare to go as quickly as you can. You will go through a number of stages where you will be riding your raft across variously shaped slides. By clicking left on the screen, you may move your raft; to stop going, you must let go of the left click. You must manoeuvre with great strategy and balance your pace. This is due to the fact that the slides have varying degrees of slope, so after jumping high, you must land carefully to avoid falling or being hurt. To avoid failing the level, do not go too slowly, since a giant shark will then materialize in your rear if you do. Hit the other riders to get money as well, and try to gather as many money bundles as you can. Let's check to see whether you'll be having fun at this perilous aquapark now!

How to play Aquapark Shark:

  • PC controls: Click and hold the mouse button to accelerate, then release it to stop.
  • Tablet and smartphone control: To accelerate and decelerate, touch the screen.