Aquarium Puzzle


Aquarium Puzzle is an ocean-themed puzzle game. You need to arrange the messy puzzle pieces into a complete picture that matches the requested picture.
The game has 12 puzzles for you to try. And there are three levels for you to choose from:
Easy with 25 puzzle pieces, play on a 5x5 grid.
Medium with 49 puzzle pieces, played on a 7x7 grid
With 100 pieces, play on a 10x10 grid.
Please choose a level that is right for you to conquer.
A picture will be cut into small pieces and jumbled together. Look closely at the requested picture, it only appears for about 5 seconds at the start. Arrange the puzzle pieces together, the correct puzzle pieces, when put together, will automatically stick together. Take turns and complete the picture in the fastest way possible.


Use the mouse to play