Azure Sea Fishing


Azure Sea Fishing is an exciting 3D sea fishing game. You have to navigate the boat, spot the fish with the radar first, then throw the bait and wait for the fish to bite. Show off your fishing skills now!
The game uses 21 baits, 3 types of fishing rods, and 3 boats. You can catch many different types of sea fish, such as Amberjack, Barracuda, Jobfish, tuna, etc.
To control the boat, use the cursor keys. For fishing, select the rod, the bait, and the location where you want to catch the fish.
For navigation and detection of fish, use the radar.
In the places where there will be fish, move the cursor to throw the bait and wait for the fish to bite.
If you want to learn how to catch more fish, how to buy anything, and how to become the best in the game "Azure Sea Fishing," see additional help.
Arrow keys or WASD control the boat.
Mouse: Use a fishing rod.