Basket Champs


Challenge basketball in Basket Champs. Choose the country you want, perform the technique of throwing the ball into the basket with the opponent. In 5 turns, who gets the most throws will be the winner.

The game helps you train your pitching ability to reach higher peaks. You just need to adjust the position of the ball so that it enters the basket and scores. Later on, the challenge will be more difficult when the basket is no longer stationary so you can lose direction and throw it out of the basket. Please adjust the appropriate throwing position to minimize damage to yourself.

How to control

Choose the right position, click to throw the ball.

Enter the basketball game

Choose one of the countries to start with. Pick an idea, each country has numbered tables corresponding to the difficulty of the game. Group E is the lowest group and group A is the highest and also has the toughest opponents.

To become the champion of the basketball tournament, you need to win against six countries. And each game you will make five throws into the basket. The number of throws on the fifth turn will determine whether you win or not. Sometimes, you and your opponent both have the same number of successful throws, but because the opponent goes first, it will have the advantage.

Be careful in your move to choose your shooting position so that the ball is completely in the basket. Become the champion of the basketball game.