Blob amuses you by dragging the unknown purple creature over obstacles to reach the pipe on the other side of the road. Complete challenges in 25 levels.

Overcoming challenges

Our main character's name is Blob. He is a purple creature with round shape and elasticity. There are no limbs so you control him by pulling him left/right.

Move the Blob forward. Use your own elasticity to go through many obstacles. Do everything to move to the other side of the road, where there is a water pipe, to complete the task. Below is the green dirty water. If you accidentally fall there, you will fail. Try to navigate the character moving upwards so as not to drift down.

Step through the barrier

You will often encounter laser barriers on many levels. To unlock this door, you need to press the red button nearby, however, the button is only pressed when there is an obstacle or you press on it. For the button to be pressed, move the iron blocks to press on it and you can easily step through the barrier.

Perform multiple levels

To complete the game completely, you will need to experience with 25 different levels. The difficulty of the game will increase gradually through each level. Overcome many challenges of each obstacle to achieve good results.