Blumgi Castle


Blumgi Castle is a fun bombing game. Randomly get a character and need to do it successfully to unlock a new character. Throw bombs at your opponents before they do the same to you.

Entering this entertaining game with lovely graphics, you will be randomly selected any character out of 20 characters of the game. Your task is to throw bombs at positions that make the opponent fly out of the screen. Implement bombs directly at the opponent or the places where the opponent is standing to collapse. Try to throw correctly the first time because you will encounter some opponents who will not let you get bombarded. You will have 7 bombing turns, but don't waste it either. A point of aim is around your friend, move them to the position you want, press Space to shoot bombs. Hold the key depends on the distance of the bomb.

The characters

At first you will be randomly assigned a random character by the game. Playing with the character within five thousand can unlock new characters. Or you can choose not to change the character and continue playing.

Game mode

One player

Make bomb blasts at opponents that make them leave the screen. Make many wins and win many new characters.

Two players

Randomly both players are given any character. Join the game together. Whoever gets the first three wins will be the winner.

How to control

Player 1: Move aim with left/right arrow keys. Shoot bombs with Space key.

Player 2: Move aim with E,R keys. Shoot bombs with the A key.