Blumgi Slime


Reach the finish line with the adorable slime in Blumgi Slime. Move the slime by mouse click and reach the destination safely. You can choose to play one or two people.

Game mode

One player

Take on challenges in 150 levels. Challenges have obstacles that get in your way or guides that help you get to the finish line. Push the obstacles away or away from them so as not to affect you to the finish line. To move the adorable Slime, you just need to click and hold for longer to make him jump higher.

Two players

Two players will play against each other in a match. Whoever gets 5 wins first will be the winner. Take advantage of the surrounding terrain to help you reach the finish line. Move quickly before your opponent reaches the finish line before you. Invite your friends to join you to make the two-player game more fun. To move your characters, there are two squares in the two corners of the screen showing 1P and 2P, click on that box to navigate your character. Pay attention to the objects around you, it could be an obstacle or a guide to help you reach the finish line. Use your wits and avoid letting your opponent finish first.

How to control

Click or touch the screen to move your character.