Description is a game with quite interesting io genre. Bring the cube back to the door by firing underground gun bullets and have it shoot up. You are only made out of limited bullets.

Work to do

A rather lovely cube with its face. It needs to go to the door. Don't know what the purpose is, but that's the task that you need to do. Cubes cannot automatically move. It was only possible by firing an underground gun bullet, creating an upward force to move the cube. Shoot bullets to help the cube move to the door. However, you are only limited to the allowed bullets, have the right strategy to help the cube reach the door as quickly as possible.

Number of stars collected

You need to quickly return the cube to its door. Using the force of the shot makes the cube jump farther and closer to the door. The number of stars you collect is the time to perform the challenge. The faster you return, the three stars you will receive and decrease as you go back longer. You can also retry multiple times in a game to get three stars.

Some things that you can experiment with

You can play 60 levels that the game has arranged according to the standard mode. Also, you can tweak the game however you want with Custom levels and level editor. This is an adjustment that not all games can give you the option of editing.