Bottle Flip


With Bottle Flip flip the water bottle in the 3D world. Flip the water bottle from one object to another without touching or falling to the ground.

The trend of flipping water bottles

The trend of flipping water bottles is not too strange for today's young people. This trend has been raging for a long time and spread on social networks and spread to the whole world. There is no denying the appeal of this realistic game. Many people have tried many times to successfully practice this trend. However, recognizing the difficulty of this realistic movement, the game Bottle Flip was born.

How to play the game

Does the job of flipping the water bottle in this game make it difficult for you? By holding down the Mouse, the water bottle bounces from one furniture position to another. The distance between objects is different, so it depends on how long you hold down the Mouse. There is a major drawback is that there is no tool or means to help you measure the distance so that you can decide how long to hold the mouse button down. Entirely based on your perceptive ability

Collect diamonds as you flip water bottles from one piece of furniture to another. The diamonds you earn buy water bottles of different colors or unlock Pixellate and Grayscale modes. To understand these modes better, earn enough diamonds first.

The game is quite attractive, you can be quite struggling with the time to start playing, if you play for a while you will find it impossible to get out of this game.