Brain Test 2


Brain Test 2 is an intellectual puzzle game. Help the characters complete the tasks that the topic requires. Try all the things in the game to find the result. Try out different characters.

Solve the situations that the game offers. Choose the character you want to try first and solve the puzzle the requirements that the game offers. Each character will have 20 levels to be solved. Do each level, if you feel too stuck with ideas, use hints to help you find a solution.

The characters all have their own story. Complete the quests to reach the destination of the plot. The characters along with their plot are as follows. Fitness with Cindy: help Cindy lose weight and become a coach. Prison Escape: Andy is imprisoned with two friends but they are innocent and find a way to get them out of prison. Agent Smith: Agent Smith is a spy, help him on his spy mission. The McBrain Family is a famous family and they want to deal with you some issues. Monster Hunter Joe is a hunter, help Joe solve the secrets and catch the monster.

How to control

Use the mouse to point the details in the game to complete the mission.

The characters in this game

There are five characters corresponding to five different storylines. And in each plot are deep action sequences to go to the end goal that the plot stated at the beginning. Fitness with Cindy, Prison Escape, Agent Smith, The McBrain Family and Monster Hunter Joe. Before starting to do the puzzles, read carefully the plot content of each character, so that you will easily guess what you need to do in each level.