Brawl Warfire Online


Brawl Warfire Online takes Brawl Stars heroes to save their territory. Summon them and wait for the battle. The more heroes, the more overwhelming the opponent.

Fight the intruder

Join a gang of brave warriors to save your territory from invaders. You will be one of the heroes in the Brawl Stars squad. Shoot intruders so that they can't attack your territory.

Hire superheroes to help you in fighting the intruders. Choose Colt, Jesse to fight. The money will be recovered and quickly summon as many heroes as possible. When ready, click the Attack button to watch the hero vs intruder fight.

Fierce fighting between heroes and intruders

Overcoming many challenges

Over 18 levels, you will see your fighting ability getting better and better. The level of the level will increase gradually. The intruders are outnumbered and the movement speed is also faster, forcing you to need heroes to assist you in defending your territory.

Character upgrade

You will start with two characters, Colt and Jesse. To be able to unlock three characters Bo, Riko and Jin by accumulating money. After each match, you will be rewarded with a sum of money for winning. Use this money to upgrade existing characters because the fight will be more difficult because the more intruders make you need to kill faster.