Bubble Shooter Candy Wheel


Bubble Shooter Candy Wheel is a very fun relaxing game for people like you. Beautiful candies with attractive flavours will make you unable to leave your computer

Candy canes can be shot away and popped in the Bubble Shooter Candy Wheel. The bubble shooter and candy match game genres are two of the most popular game types. Can you see them working together? In this entertaining game, you now have the best of both worlds!

As in a bubble shooter game, you are not only shooting symbols but also matching candies to remove them all from the board. On the board, dozens of candies are spinning in circles. The candies are travelling in the form of a galaxy as you aim more sweets at them. The challenging portion starts at this point. To create groups of similar candy, you must fire candies of the same kind onto other identical candies. The candies will then be eliminated from the board. As you spend time attempting to remove every sweet, your score automatically diminishes. Therefore, the more quickly you complete the game, the more points you will get. The two bonuses that you may access by viewing an advertisement can be used. One kind of candy is removed off the wheel by the Go Candy bonus, and its place is taken by the other sweets that are still there. While the bonus is active, the Stop Time bonus freezes the clock so that your score doesn't drop. From the top right of the screen, you can see how many candies are left. Start now and don't stop until you've taken out every candy and earned every point!

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  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Requirement of strategic thinking
  • Go Candy and Stop Time bonuses
  • Fun gameplay

How to play Bubble Shooter Candy Wheel:

  • Play this game with a mouse or a touchscreen.