Bubble Shooter Coin


Bubble Shooter Coin is a matching-3 puzzle game. Shoot balls of the same color from the fortress onto the screen so that the balls on it all explode. Shoot the balls until the ball has the shape of the falling Moon to complete the mission.

Background of the game

This fun puzzle game is inspired by space, set in a castle preceded by tombs, along with a full moon night. These days, this is an opportunity for the forces of evil to prevail. The whole sky is overcast and you need to find the light so that the evil forces do not encroach.

Some tips to watch out for

Collect sun-shaped ball

You just need to shoot the ball from the fortress onto the screen so that at least three balls of the same color are blown up. You keep doing this until you drop a ball with a light icon. This is also a symbol representing hope for a bright future. Open the way to a dark world, filled with evil. You don't have to pop all the balloons on the screen. Just use the steps to drop the sun-shaped ball to complete the task.

Watch out for red line

When you make a successful game, the next rounds will have more and more balls, which means you need to have the right strategy so that no ball touches the red line. Before the balls hit the red line, there will be a warning notifying you to destroy them, otherwise the game will be over.